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Polyurethane Raw Materials

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Assan Sandwich Panels

While Sandwich Panels significantly reduce the energy need, they enable us to leave a livable world to future generations by using less resources.

PMDI Raw Material Solution
High Quality Materials
PMDI Raw Material Solution
Turkey's Polyurethane Market Fly Chem
High Quality Materials
Turkey's Polyurethane Market Fly Chem
MDI and TDI Raw Material Solutions on Fly Chem
High Quality Materials
MDI and TDI Raw Material Solutions on Fly Chem
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High Quality Materials
We Are Waiting For You In Our New Place
They are isocyanates used in many sectors, including polyurethane applications.
TDI (Toluene diisocyanate)

It is used in polyurethane applications such as flexible foam and foam production, Prepolymer and Elastomer production, paint and coating products and Elastomer production.

MDI (Diphenyl methane di isocyanate)

It is primarily used in the production of rigid polyurethane foams used for insulation of your home or refrigerator, and in many other areas. Some additional uses of MDI in polyurethanes include coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers in materials such as paints, adhesives and weatherproof materials. It is also used to make many kinds of footwear, sports and casual products, and to a lesser extent some special flexible foams.

PMDI ve Poliol
It is used in many industries, including polyurethane floor coverings, adhesives, cold room panels and spray applications for insulation.
PMDI & Poliol
Polymeric MDI

It is used in polyurethane applications such as polyurethane rigid structure, polyurethane rigid foam and thermal insulation panels, CASE applications, Polyurethane wood imitation, Polyurethane adhesives and Pipe insulation applications.


It is highly preferred in the insulation of white goods, windsurfing, hot water tanks. In addition, it is used as sandwich panel systems in the insulation of pipes, in the insulation of containers used for heating and cooling thanks to its thermoelectric elements, in the insulation of walls. With its long life and light weight, its high efficiency makes it one of the first materials that come to mind when it comes to insulation.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Raw Material
Spray Polyurethane Foam is a polyurethane-based, highly qualified heat and sound insulation product that can be applied to surfaces by squeezing thanks to its special application apparatus.
Polyurethane Spray Foam Raw Material
Polyurethane Raw Material Prices

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Polyurethane foam (isocyanate and polyol)

It is obtained by spraying isocyanate and polyol components by mixing them under high pressure and appropriate temperature. These two components are mixed during spraying and adhere to the target surface and swell 10-50 times its volume within seconds. The foam formed on the sprayed floor hardens within seconds and reaches its final form.

Polyurea Yalıtım Hammaddesi
Strong insulation is obtained by mixing and spraying the isocyanate and polyol components.
Polyurea Insulation Raw Material
Polyurethane Foam Insulation Raw Material

It is a flexible, fast-drying insulation floor coating and strength-enhancing chemical that can be applied with high-pressure spray machines.

Polyurea Insulation Raw Material

Polyurea insulation is not only coating and insulation solutions in many sectors, but it is also used intensively in water insulation in defense, logistics, infrastructure and construction sectors.

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Polyurethane Raw Material FAQ

Polyurethane spray is the method of applying the polyurethane material by spray spraying method. Polyurethane foam is used to provide maximum thermal insulation thanks to the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient.
It is an elastomer obtained from the chemical combination of polyurethane isocyanate and polyols. According to the polyols used in curing, it is used in different areas by being obtained as foamed or without foam. It is a material used in many areas such as artificial leather making, shoe soles, and the automotive industry, as well as being used in coatings in areas requiring thermal insulation.
The approximate life of the polyurethane Spray Foam coating, which offers the desired thermal insulation values even after 20 years in the tests performed under climatic conditions, varies between 80-90 years.
Polyurethane foam material is an effective thermal insulation material. Although it is an auxiliary material for waterproofing and sound insulation, it is not an effective water and sound insulation material.
Polyurethane Spray Foam is the type applied in high pressure spray foam machines, as well as small packaged tube spray foam types produced for use in smaller areas and for filling in between door and window sills.
In Turkey, it is referred to as insulation foam, construction foam, spray foam, polyurethane foam, assembly foam, one-component foam, door window foam, heat insulation foam, sound insulation foam, expanding foam, gap filling foam, swelling foam in the world; It is known as one component pu foam, polyurethane pu foam, OCF pu foam sealant, gap filling pu foam, window assembling pu foam, mounting pu foam, heat insulation pu foam, sound insulation pu foam, door mounting pu foam.